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50 Cent continues to taunt Floyd Mayweather

Earlier today, Rapper 50 Cent responded to boxer Floyd Mayweather’s 72 million check by posting a video on his Instagram account (see video above). “I guess you want people to see your math is better then your reading. Get a account Floyd, the people around you are using you. If you mad at me call me or come see me,” read the caption.

However, Fifty was not through with Mayweather just yet.


He then posted two photoshopped pictures of Mayweather on Instagram. See below:


unnamed (9)

unnamed (10)



Sherley is speechless. She thinks this is totally unnecessary. You can follow her on twitter @sherleybee_


  • Sharmaine says:

    Hello this has got to stop our people going in on each other so some of this inner city,radio stations can make money of all the black famous black people think about it for one second this whole thing between 50 cent and Floyd Maine weather come on now guys you to have all the money in the world you already proving who you are you’ve made it regardless to what and now what you want to give these radio stations in somebody’s social video the right to poke fun at us black people I think this is the radio stations don’t give two s**** about 50 cent or Floyd Mayweather what they care about is who can disrespect who the best in between plants hip hop music and them hear themselves talk over the airwaysso I challenge 50 cent and Floyd Mayweather I’m not just a regular citizen I don’t have no heat song to stop the madnessstop giving these radio stations the power to poke fun at us as people cuz for real he has a black people we are the only race the only race that has ever struggled with education radio stations don’t give two s**** about any of that

    • Big Country AKA Tommie Crumedy says:

      50 and May weather it’s obviously at one time you guys were boys chilling and having fun doing whatever you guys like to do in the world. The both of you make mad money but just in a different way 50 through music etc and may weather through boxing. So many people across the globe can’t read, write, or spell and here we are as black men degrading one another because of a falling out. We know both of you got money know doubt but I challenge the both of you to stop this madness before it get out of hand. You have fans that love you guys and look up to you as the person you are and have became in this world. I’m just a regular Soldier station in Fort Sam Houston TX that have fought in the War to keep this country safe as possible along with other battles along my side and we as black people already have it hard as it is destroying one another echoes and reputation. I don’t have the money like you two have but this back and forth crap has to stop you giving people to much to talk about help the ones that’s less fortunate make a change in someone life instead of embarrassing someone or flashing money. Again, I challenge you two to stop the madness, if I had money I would do like a challenge but unfortunately we don’t get paid enough so please for the fans stop the criticism.

  • TheBigsxc says:

    Curtis shouldn’t put people down when he stole his own name from a real Brooklyn thug whom I’ve personally had shoot outs with. Well that was over twenty years ago and by the grace of God im still here. When I reflect back on my youth i see how ignorant i used to be by robbing, and selling drugs. I’ve lived long enough to truly regret these things. Now as a father and husband, I’ve learned to love not only my family, but all people. Black men are HATED by all, we must love one another before we can expect anyone to even respect us. Curtis is a figure head in the destructive world of hip hop and should find ways to uplift his people. Hes not a ‘young boy’, he is a man. He should be able to judge himself and correct his mistakes just like Floyd has done. Floyd has made positive changes in his life but he has yet to diconnect himself from the past. I’ve got mad love for both of these younger guys because they have been able to accomplish financial success where so many others have failed. But this is no excuse to say and do whatever you want because nobody can stop you. Truth be told, until your grandchildren are rich you can never be wealthy.