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Ali Larter currently stars in TNT’s new drama series, Legends, which premiered on Wednesday, August 13.

Our sister publication JONES MAGAZINE caught up with Larter at the Pampers #BABYGOTMOVES Event at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan. Parents and babies danced the morning away in Pampers’ oversized disco-style crib, complete with LED floors and disco ball, to showcase babies’ best dance moves!  On-site camera crews filmed babies rockin’ in the crib showcasing their best dance moves. The best clips will be featured in Pampers next video. Read highlights from Larter’s interview with Jones below:

Tell us about the event today and teaming up with Pampers.


Pampers!  Yes, we’re here at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan, and we’re celebrating babies’ morning moments, and as a mom I know one of the most important things is when a baby wakes up energetic, and dry and happy.  So, what’s one of the things, you know, we’re a Pampers family and my son wore them through his whole baby years all the way through toddler, and when he would wake up dry it just sets the tone for a great day!


This is the second time you have teamed up with Pampers.


Yeah, this is the second one, and what they’re doing is they’re creating videos so parents can share videos of their kids rocking out and dancing in their crib when they wake up in the morning … it’s so cute! So they can send it to the Pampers Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and it’s hashtag ‘baby got moves’.


And your son likes to dance, too?


Oh yeah! My son loves Bob Marley! He actually does get some booty-shaking to Drake also … but I’m gonna go home and actually put some new music on.  I’m ready to kind of, get a little kind of the summer going on a little Beach Boys, a little of that stuff.


We wanted to congratulate you on your new show “Legends.” How did you get involved?


Thank you.  I got a call from Howard Gordon, you know, who comes from incredible shows like “Homeland,” “24,” “X Files,” and he told me about the show that he was working on that was really about identity, and really about ‘Who am I?’.  So this man Sean Bean signed on, who I’m also a huge fan of from “Game of Thrones” and “Lord of the Rings,” he’s just such a talent.  So we are a part of the D.C.O., the Deep Cover Ops in the FBI, and it’s this really riveting show that takes current events, weaves them into kind of this intricate maze, it’s really interesting.


Tell us about your character.  Do you have anything in common with her?


Yeah, Crystal McGuire.  So she’s a tough-talkin’, no-nonsense gal. She is very different from me, other than the fact that I also like to follow the rules.  I’m not someone who –  I’m wild, and I love to have fun, but I like things to be in order, and that’s one of things that I really relate to with her … but she’s chosen not to have a family, and so she’s given her life to her work, so it’s an interesting kind of thing to explore.”


You also wrote a book Kitchen Revelry. What’s your favorite tip from the book?


“That’s right! ‘It takes a little effort to look effortless’.  You know I love the disheveled look, but one of the things I like to do is kind of prepare that look before people arrive, meaning like, I don’t think you should light candles right before guests come – you should light them at least an hour before so that the candle wax starts dripping over.  I think when things look too perfect it’s unapproachable, so, I like to, you know, be cooking when people arrive and  dole out different jobs.  It makes it more homey, and more fun, and festive, and I’m always getting people, you know, serving them a lot in the beginning.  I like to loosen people up at my house.


And it’s your first book right? How was the experience of writing and publishing a book?


It was incredible! You know, it was such a big learning curve for me.  There’s so much that goes into publishing a book, from creating the proposal and finding a publisher, to deciding on the layout, the fonts … and then I developed over a hundred recipes and tested them myself and wrote kind of the stories behind each of them, so it’s really a very personal, intimate look on how I love to cook and entertain.


How has your summer been so far?


Amazing, you know, this is kind of it for me, and after this I’m going on vacation with my husband and my son, and I just wanna be on the beach, have lazy days, you know, get rid of a schedule.  I’m so tight on schedule all the time, that I just wanna start, kind of resetting my brain, and not being so worried about work.