Sneak Peek: Civil Clothing’s Fall 2014 Men’s Collection, Rebel Youth


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men 2Civil Clothing has announced the release of their Fall 2014 collection for men, the Rebel Youth collection–a compilation of carefully crafted pieces catering to the athletically driven, street wear-conscious male.

Civil’s intricate fall collection of iconic drop tees, crew neck sweaters, track jackets, graphic tees, button up shirts, beanies, snapback hats, jogger pants and more, continues to offer universal cuts and fits for all men in addition to matchless graphics and colors.

The collection embodies the spirit of the true “Rebel Youth,” a man who cannot be tamed, whether he throws elbows on the basketball court, spends countless minutes in the penalty box or spits his truths through a microphone, he is never afraid to speak his mind.

This collection’s theme is particularly reflected through the “composition notebook” graphic that echoes throughout the entire collection. A composition notebook is seen as a place where individuals write their innermost thoughts and feelings. Civil translates this uncensored, free flowing composition concept into a collection with the hope that the consumers will feel inspired to speak and act freely as well.


The men’s Rebel Youth fall collection will officially release on Friday, August 29.