Everyone and their mother’s daughter somehow found themselves at the Agenda Show at the Jacob Javits Center a few weeks ago. Interesting enough, not too many reported on it. If you’re unfamiliar as to what exactly Agenda Show is, it is a tradeshow, more so for buyers of boutiques and stores.  If you’re attending as press, you want to find out what new brands to look out for and what some of the favorites have for the upcoming season. For sometime now, if you happen to be on “the scene”, Agenda is something you may attend, but more than likely you’re at the after parties sponsored by the brand.

We had a few of our journalists attend, but thought we would add some season to the steak and have In Jones We Trust known for his unapologetic lyrics with bounce and also one of the newest influencers on the NYC scene to do a bit of coverage for us. Check out his photos and exactly what he learned about upcoming collections from your favorite brands.