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Troll of the year candidate

Dan LeBatard is an ESPN personality/writer known mainly for his overly objective viewpoints and occasional outlandish stunts, but this one might’ve taken the cake.  A series of troll-of-the-year worthy billboards went up in LeBron James‘ hometown of Akron, Ohio over the past few days, like the one pictured above, and the state of Ohio has none other than the illustrious Dan LeBatard to thank for them.  Shortly after–yesterday, to be exact–ESPN announced that LeBatard would be missing in action from the airwaves for 48 hours, and in a short press release, reiterated that they are not supportive of this particular brand of tomfoolery.

An excerpt from ESPN’s statement:


His recent stunt does not reflect ESPN’s standards and brand.  Additionally, we were not made aware of his plans in advance.

An epic troll of the superstar player who just left your home team stranded in exchange for a 2-day suspension? We’re sure Dan isn’t losing any sleep over this.

A clearer picture of the ad below.

love miami