As we continue to give you the best in HER SOURCE VICES, we can’t help but to put you on to even more accessories that you must add to your collection of trinkets. This summer thus far has been full of so many unique designers. In this case we’re talking handmade jewelry, which makes it even more special. Word of mouth is always a little bit cooler than advertising. Coming upon MINXMADE JEWELRY it was intriguing to find so many cool designs.

One piece in particular stood out that happens to be more than one piece! The Gypsy Stacks are our must have! The bracelets are made from a good mixture of metal, gold plated beads, dalmation jasper, turquoise howlite and more. You can choose between a stack of three or four. We’re going for a dramatic look, so four is the way to go. They retail for $56 USD and you can cop them here.

Tatiana’s on Twitter (@TatianaTot), and Drake and Kanye West are her best friends (in her head). #EYEPISSglitter