Exactly a week ago today, The Atmos sneaker store in Harlem hosted a celebration of the partnership between ASAP MOBB and A$AP TYY with GoodWood NYC for a hand crafted A$AP Lifestyle Box. The Lifestyle box also serves as a blunt tray. It’s made with Bolton Birch wood grain and features compartmentalized sections for items such as grinder, papers, cigars, one-hitter and more. The box’s interior is dressed with a red felt lining and the exterior is engraved with the A$AP Anarchy logo.

The Brooklyn-born company, who’s collaborated with Heineken, Adidas, and Pro Keds –to name only a few — has gained much more momentum thanks to their hand-picked collab with A$AP MOBB’s most recent addition, A$AP TYY.

“Working with such an influential innovator in the music and bike-life game has been a fun experience in which creating these boxes truly bring a collector’s item unparalleled to anything on the market,” said Richard Foster of Good Wood NYC. “A$AP fans will have to make sure they don’t miss out on this dope project.”

These limited cases are available on goodwoodnyc.com for $120

Jamaal Fisher (@jamaalfisher)