The divas are preparing for their one night only concert
R&B Divas Atlanta-The Source

Last week on the TV One hit series R&B Divas Atlanta Syleena reveals to Monifah that her and Angie were supposed to do a tour together. But things turn left when she also revealed to Monifah that Angie booked the tour for herself. Latavia is working on her singing as she sees her vocal coach. KeKe prepares for her fan appreication concert, which was making her nervous.

This week, the divas are still rehearsing for their one night only diva concert but things turn left as Monifah and Syleena point out that they wasn’t with the negativity. Syleena and KeKe decides that they want to throw Monifah a surprise bachelorette party and things were turned up at the party. While having dinner, Angie’s daughter Diamond and he boyfriend Ashanti talks about how it’s all about Angie and how she stays in her own bubble.

Monifah and Syleena meet with Angie about the situation and in a true woman form, they hashed everything and she even invited her to the wedding. The day before Monifah’s bachelorette party, the divas go to a pole dancing class and they are having a lot of fun. Meelah, KeKe, and Monifah seem to enjoy it a lot. Just as things were all good, an argument between Latavia and Angie breaks out as Angie calls Latavia and Meelah “newbies” and they both insist that they are not that.

Tune in next week as the divas bring Hotlanta to the West Coast

-Matia (@ms_hip_hop)