Candace is still missing and Benny is improving
The Haves And The Have Nots-The Source

Last week on the hit show, The Haves & The Haves Nots, Benny continues to fight for his life as he breathes on his own. Candace is still missing and no one could find her. Amanda finally buys a gun and still wants to kill her professor. Jeffery visits Wyatt in jail and Wyatt revealed to him that he told the cops everything.

This week, Amanda has officially lost it as she points her gun at Jeffery. Jim is doing everything he can to save Wyatt and he finally gets out of jail. Benny is alive as he blink his eyes and he was talking to his mother. Quincy (who is Candace’s ex-boyfriend) breaks into Hanna’s house and she wants him to leave her house.

Maggie and David talk alone and she discovers that he’s been having trouble in his marriage as he sleeps in a hotel. Jeffery tells Kathryn about Amanda buying a gun. Candace is still being held a hostage against her will. When the police came to her house, Byron showed up to see what was going on and she told him that her son is alive. When he found out that Benny is alive, Tony decides to follow her to the hospital where Benny is improving. He is so determined to get Benny’s kidney but in true Hanna form, she does whatever it takes to prevent him to going near Benny.

Make sure you tune in next week to see what happens next with the Cryers.

-Matia (@ms_hip_hop)