This episode is about exposing the truth
Devious Maids-The Source

Last week on the hit show, Devious Maids Marisol is aware of Opal and Dahlia’s affair. Nicholas decided to tell Opal that her services were no longer needed, which doesn’t sit well with her. Reggie and Spence meet for the first time and things turn left as they were fighting in a restaurant which causes Rosie not to talk to Spence. Valentina walks in on Evelyn and Tony having sex in her living room. Valentina went to visit Adrian at the center and he tells her that he is coming home. Remy and Ethan also meet for the first time and it was a not a welcoming experience as Ethan was throwing insults at him. While going on his night jog, Nicholas gets run over by Opal, who stops to make sure he’s dead. It was discovered that Opal was the one who killed Dahila and not in fact Nicholas.

This week, Marisol finds out that Nicholas was in the hospital but she ended up visiting him. Reggie plays devil’s advocate as he plays everyone against each other as he wipes out Kenneth’s bank account. Nicholas tells Marisol that he wants to get married in fear of something of him dying. Adrian discovers that Evelyn and Tony are having an affair. Jealous that Genevieve might tried to take Javier from her, Zolia tells him her real age. Miguel overhears Lucinda using curse words and begin using them in school. Lucinda discovers that she was released from power of attorney. Genevieve tells Zolia that her kidneys are failing and that she has to have dialysis. Zolia tells her that everything is going to be okay. A jealous Ty put cleaning fluid in Spence’s food and Carmen is fearing for her life because she fears that he is obsessed with her. Marisol ends up marrying Nicholas in the hospital.

Tune in next week to see what happens with The Millers

-Matia (@ms_hip_hop)