Paul GeorgeTensions ran high for game four of the Eastern Conference Finals.  The Miami Heat had the chance to take a commanding 3-1 series lead or the Indiana Pacers could even things up 2-2.  The implications were already huge when Lance Stephenson upped the stakes by antagonizing Lebron James by saying his trash talk was a “sign of weakness”.

James hadn’t had a huge breakout game yet in the series and many felt Stephenson’s comments would awaken the sleeping giant.  Though Lebron denies they affected him, he went off for 32 points, 10 rebounds and 5 assists in the Miami Heat’s 102-90 win over the Pacers.  Stephenson on the other-hand clocked in 9 points, 5 rebounds and 4 assists, remaining scoreless until the final five minutes of the game.

Following the loss Paul George was visibly upset and held no punches during his presser.

“Well, you know, Lance is young,” George said. “You know that’s a teaching point, it’s a learning lesson for him. Sometimes you just gotta watch what you say. You’re on a big stage and everything you say is bulletin board material. It’s really going to have a powerful meaning behind it. We’ve just got to be smarter with situations and voicing our opinions sometimes.”

“When you make comments…. you gotta bring it.  I’m pretty sure this will be a learning experience for Lance.”

Stephenson wasn’t the only person to get George’s wrath, he’s also implicated the refs gave the Heat the edge with the huge free throw disparity.  The Heat hit 30 of 34 free throw attempts while the Pacers hit 11 of 17 attempts.

“Looking at the stat sheet, we outplayed them. … I thought we outplayed them tonight.  They made 30 free throws. That put them over the edge.  You can’t tell me they attack the basket as much as we attack the basket. … Maybe it was home-cookin’.  It’s just demoralizing when the game is lopsided.”

As for whether or not Lebron was affected by Stephenson’s comments, he blew it off.

“I don’t need any motivation. I’m motivated enough to try to get back to the Finals.  I got a smirk out of it,” he added.

How does Lance Stephenson feel?

“I have no regrets.”

– Shaina Auxilly (@Shay_Marie)

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  1. Marsha Johnson

    I agree with Paul, that game was hard to watch! The disparity in the foul calls was criminal! !! The refs basically gave the game to Miami !!! If just half of thatfouls that Miami committed were actually called the Pacers would have won the game!… I have lost faith in the fairness of the game, it’s just a popularity game.

    • Douche Bag

      If your team were that good, they would have been able to play right through that huh? but they’re not, they didn’t and voila, they go home losers, chumps, adios, c ya, bye-bye, maybe next year, hahahahahahaahaa!