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Julep Plié Wand™, pliewand, nail polish, nail lacquer brush, beauty bites, the source magazine,

If you’re like some of us, painting your nails can sometimes become a disaster when attempting to do it yourself and painting the hand you write with. It of course requires a little more patience and time for you to actually sit still. In a rush? No worries, the Plie´Wand is has officially arrived! Ladies and gentlemen get very excited. It’s almost as if someone gave you an actual pen to write on your nails. So no more little nail brush, you can actually get a good grip on to painting your nails.

This is especially good when your ride is outside and you don’t want to end up with nail lacquer on your skin. The Plie´ Wand is comes with a brush of its own and an extending stick to make everything easier. It retails for $25 and you can get your’s here.

Julep Plié Wand™, plie wand, beauty bites, her source, the source magazine, fashion, nail lacquer brush,


-Tatiana Johnson (@TatianaTot)