More lies and secrets are revealed
Devious Maids-The Source

Last week on the hit series, Devious Maids Remy is officially back at home and Valentina is not feeling it because she is now dating Ethan. Spence tells Carmen that his nephew Ty comes to stay with him. While Adrien is away, Evelyn continues to mess around with Tony as he tries to move into their main house. Nicholas is not feeling the idea of Marisol being friendly with her book editor. While trying to do her statue, Lucinda tells Rosie that Miguel is in her way with his toy car and she tells him to keep him out of her way. When Valentina went to see Remy, she is not as welcoming like his mother, Genevieve and she discovers this. Valentina came clean to her by revealing that she is seeing Ethan and she doesn’t take the news to lightly. Rosie accidentally broke Lucinda’s statue while trying to take Miguel’s toy car.

This week, more lies and secrets are exposed as Rosie surprises Lucinda by meeting her daughter Natasha for the first time and things turn left when she slapped her. Natasha revealed that she visited her four years ago and that Kenneth told her that Lucinda didn’t want her. Lucinda is baffled and confused on to why her father would say that to her. While cleaning the ceiling, Opal falls to the floor just as her and Marisol were arguing about Dalia and Nicholas relationship. While getting some food, Zolia meets an handsome stranger who turns out to be a world famous chef and he invited her to his house to try out some food. Ethan tells Valentina that he got accepted to Brown University but there’s only one catch he got in through the help of Genevieve. This raises questions in her head.Remy and Ethan finally meet for the first time and things are not good between them as Ethan keep insulting Remy about his upbringing.

Still reeling from what Natasha told her, Lucinda decides that she have to confront her father about what he has done to her in the past and she almost hit him with a glass bamboo stick. Didi wants to call the cops on her because she felt that she could have put Kenneth in danger but Rosie convinced her not to. Kenneth decides that he doesn’t want Lucinda to be power of attorney anymore because he felt that since she found her daughter, she probably wants money from him. He made the bold move to put Reggie in charge of his estate in which he is very scandalous because all he wants out of the deal is more money.

Tune in next week to see what happens with the Millers

-Matia (@ms_hip_hop)