Lana Del Rey performs for KimYeFrom a wall of roses, to a glammed out wedding in Paris, Is there anything this man wouldn’t do?

It doesn’t seem so. In the most talked about wedding since Prince William and Kate Middleton wed in 2011, Kanye West added another romantic touch.  As all of hip hop royalty make their way to Paris to celebrate the union of Kim Kardashian and Kanye, Lana Del Rey joined them and helped Kanye surprise his bride to be with a performance.

Del Rey sang three songs among them “Young & Beautiful”, the song Kanye had a band play as he proposed to Kim in October.  Although it seems getting a singer to perform at his wedding, or anywhere for that matter, wouldn’t be a difficult feat for Kanye to achieve, there were rumors that Lana Del Rey turned down the opportunity to perform for the couple’s engagement. Although Del Rey denies  the rumors, telling TMZ ” I’d never deny his request” she made sure to make up for it at the nuptials. And for a pretty penny–Del Rey was paid a reported 2.8 million for her performance.

UPDATE: Rough shot of Kim’s dress.

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