Latavia is still insistent about performing again
Latavia Roberson-The Source

Last week on the hit show, R&B Divas Atlanta KeKe encourages her mom to see a therapist and if it was okay for her to accompany her to the session. Monifah finally gets her liposuction surgery, Meelah suggests that she and Latavia go to the Tasha Smith Acting School so they could face their fears. While in surgery, Monifah is given medicine but it’s not the kind that is normally used for surgery and it’s the medicine that makes you aware but it gives you a twilight zone feeling.

This week; the divas found out that they are nominated for a Grammy Award for the album, R&B Divas and KeKe tells them that she talked to Faith about the nomination. When she talked to Faith, she is questioning if they were nominated because Faith had total control of the album and that she was going to let them walk down the red carpet. Angie is in the studio recording a new song and Syleena went to see her. She tells Angie that she is experiencing writer’s block (which is common for everybody) but she never experience it before and in true Angie form, she gave her wisdom about getting over it.

Monifah surprises Terez with a wedding planner that would help them plan the wedding of their dreams. They want the wedding to be in Hawaii because they accept same sex couples. The divas meet up to talk about their one night only concert and this makes Lataiva nervous because she feels that she doesn’t want to sing. Monifah and Angie get into an argument about getting invited to the Grammy Awards but things were squashed. Latavia received some good news from her manger saying that she is in another play and that she is going to be on the cover of Upscale Magazine. It’s Angie’s birthday and she invited all of the divas but KeKe wasn’t able to make it. Latavia showed up late and Angie was not happy about it. For showing up late to her party, she invited her to sing on stage. Latavia tells her that she has laryngitis but the other divas sing with her on stage.

Tune in next week if Latavia is going to face her fears

-Matia (@ms_hip_hop)