Meelah shows the divas what she’s got
Meelah Williams-The Source

Last week on the hit show, R&B Divas Atlanta, the divas are doing a one night only concert, with everybody’s blessing; however, this makes Latavia nervous, due to the fact that she hasn’t been on the stage in a long time, since the break up of Destiny’s Child. She is also recovering her vocal cords, which were damaged by excess alcohol consumption. Angie and her daughter clash because of a song that she is doing that contains some expletives.

This week,  KeKe encourages her mom to see a therapist and if it was okay for her to accompany her to the session. Monifah finally gets her liposuction surgery, Meelah suggests that she and Latavia go to the Tasha Smith Acting School so they could face their fears. While in surgery, Monifah is given medicine but it’s not the kind that is normally used for surgery and it’s the medicine that makes you aware but it gives you a twilight zone feeling.


While in the acting class, Latavia revealed a deep dark secret that she was molested when she was 7 and it ended when she was 9. Meelah’s choreographer Tiffany asks her if she could perform at her charity event and without a doubt, she agreed to it. KeKe goes with her mother to therapy as they talked about the issues they had growing up and they glad that they went. Meelah is prepping for her big performance, but things are not going to plan as she does a rehearsal and the microphone have a lot of static in it. In true diva form, Meelah killed the stage as she performed her biggest hit, “Where My Girls At”.

Tune in next week at 10 pm on TV One.

-Matia (@ms_hip_hop)