“I just think Beyonce got you ruined…”

Ryshon Jones is on a move. This time, he sheds light on the confidence that his younger sister holds. Especially, after noticing the struggles many girls have with perception and self-esteem.

The song is featured on Jones’ latest project interestingly titled, Hope Is A Dangerous Thing. The video is pretty thought-provoking as well. It features the artist as he watches chat footage of various girls, allowing him to see their esteem issues and how far it can go, if left unnoticed. All the while, he’s flowing his spoken word over a relevant beat, telling the girls to keep it real, as he attempts to understand their quest for perfection.

Despite the often-heartbreaking theme at hand, the Philly rapper lightens the song with audio of Jamie Foxx’s classic Brady Bunch parody. Check that out HERE.

-Jamaal Fisher (@jamaalfisher)