Her Source got the chance to sit down with La La Full Court Life star Po Johnson
Po Johnson-The Source

We had the opportunity to chat with Po Johnson as she dished on the new season of La La’s Full Court Life, her music career, and her fashion sense.

Check out the interview:

Congratulations on premiering. What can we expect this season?

Po Johnson: Thank you very much we’re excited. It was fun. They did a great job on following the story of all three of us. Instead of seeing me struggling to make things happen, things are really happening. It’s very exciting, also I have a love interest, the making of my single, and I get signed to Tommy Boy Music. I get an apartment. I don’t want to give too much away. Dice, she tightens up who she is as a person and she loses weight. You know, La she’s out of this world. She got the movies and book I mean who knows she might buy an island. This season is going to be pretty good.

How has being on La La’s Full Court Life elevated your career?

P.J.: Oh my gosh, before I was a singer-songwriter who was trying to get in the studio with other artists, but of course it gave me a huge platform where people noticed me and now people want to work with me because of what they see on TV. I don’t have to use the megaphone no more now I have to phone everybody that I seriously want to work with. It has opened up doors for me with all kinds of opportunities.

What is the one thing that fans don’t know about you?

P.J.: That’s a good question. I consider myself a open book but there are some things that are not aired on the show. I love to go to the movies in the middle of the day by myself and watch three movies when I have time.  I hate calamari – that looks like little squids and the actual octopus.

Congratulations on your new single “Monsters (Be Brave)”. What was the inspiration behind the single?

P.J.: My whole campaign and everything that I am is about letting your ambition go and bringing out your inner monster. Be whoever you want to be physically, mentally, spiritually, and sexually. It’s all about letting go and having fun. I wanted to get that message out and I wanted the song out in the summer. It’s an upbeat song, I want everybody take their clothes off and run down the street.

Besides the show and music, are you considering doing a fashion line?

P.J.: I have been approached to do something. I do respect designers because it’s hard work putting a look together. I do want to explore fashion more and I want to research it more because I want to express myself in fashion. I did have the opportunity to put out a sweater t-shirt line. I just want the shirt to come out and I do have a store where you see and purchase them.

Who are your musical influences?

P.J: Artistry wise of course, Aretha. I love Blondie, of course there’s Tina Turner, and all of those rocker chicks that were old school. I used to love watching Tina Turner with my mother. Then you have current artists like Beyonce – that sounds cliche, but her work ethic is undeniable. I think music today is so telling and everybody is being themselves.

When can fans expect the album?

P.J.: I’m going to put out two more singles. “Monsters” is for the summer and I’m putting out a nice cold record for the fall and then another one after that. The EP is dropping in December or January. I’m signed to Tommy Boy and they’re backing me up. I’m very excited about this project.

Her single “Monsters (Be Brave)” is available now on iTunes.

You can catch Po on “La La’s Full Court Life” every Wednesday at 10 pm on VH1 and you can follow her on social media on Twitter at @thepojohnson and on Instagram at @pojohnson

-Matia (@ms_hip_hop)