Floyd Mayweather Source Man of The YearFloyd Mayweather created quite a media frenzy when he put his ex-fiancee Shantel Jackson on blast for aborting their twin babies.  Floyd continued to vent on Instagram by posting pictures of Miss Jackson before her plastic surgery and basically saying that he made her.  Of course everyone wanted to know the full story so Floyd did an interview with Big Tigger and explained the whole situation.  He explained why he was so upset, how he found out about the abortion, Miss Jackson’s insecurities and her real motive.  He also took shots at Nelly who’s been rumored to have a relationship with Miss Jackson since her split from Floyd.

Here’s some of the transcript via Baller Alert:

On Miss Jackson’s Abortion

“I reacted because I was upset. I wanted the world to know that she really had an abortion, not a miscarriage. I wanted to put the picture on All Access but I had already done the interview. After All Access went off somebody from Showtime got in touch with me and said ‘Floyd, I’m glad that you didn’t put the picture out there because she didn’t have a miscarriage, she had an abortion. She’s telling me the whole time that stress from me made her have a miscarriage when all in all she went and got an abortion. It hurt my feelings because she’s selfish. All she’s worried about is looks. Talking about, ‘I don’t wanna mess my body up’ but everything you got on your body I paid for so it’s okay. Even if you had the babies if you wanted me to put you back together like I did in the beginning, I could’ve done it again.”

On Miss Jackson’s Plastic Surgery

“Every time we get to talking she’s like ‘This girl don’t look better than me’ or ‘That girl don’t look better than me’ or ‘That girl has a fake booty’, ‘Look at that girl with the fake breasts’ but I’m all like, everything that you got on you is fake. You got a fake butt. You got fake titties. I mean, you got work done on your face. So, it’s like you’re talking about everybody but you’re doing the same thing. That’s how you knew my love was genuine. I loved you from the heart because I accepted you for how you looked. No breasts, no butt, no face work, I accepted you because it was real love.”

On Miss Jackson’s Instagram

“You didn’t just wake up and get all those followers on Instagram. You didn’t just wake up and get all of those followers on Twitter. Let’s be real.”

On Moving Forward

“I think that a lot has been said and I think that the best way is to leave it where it’s at. I don’t want something like this to continue to be negative. From the beginning my whole outlook on everything was ‘your private life should be private’ things happen, you live and you learn, and you learn from the things that you go through”

Floyd also takes some shots saying:

– Miss Jackson is only messing with Nelly for publicity because she wants a reality show

– Nelly borrowed $500,000 from Ashanti

– Nelly hasn’t been hot since “Country Grammar”

– He still takes care of Miss Jackson’s mother even though Miss Jackson left her to live in poverty

– He still loves Miss Jackson in spite of what they’ve gone through

– Miss Jackson sold the cars that he bought her to bring in some extra income

– Shaina Auxilly (@Shay Marie)

2 Responses

  1. Isadore ford

    Boy she srewded up or trying to screw mayweather up u know what those types of things could do to a fighter in the ring like givins did tyson fighters build up there life from fighting and it is a journey and to lose those while your on your journey could change the journey thou much faith to mayweather the man is champ he has charactor and strenght this will really show his mental focus Do Ya Thing main

  2. Mychelle

    Women are shot out once they have that lover that best friend that Good man they don’t know watt to do all she had to do was love him respect him talk to him I’m pretty sure c would have been more easier it’s messed up how she would hurt him like that they were friends b4 lovers I’m glad I value all my friendships