Once a gladiator always a gladiator; is season four here yet? KERRY WASHINGTON, SCOTT FOLEY

It’s kind of depressing to know that at 10:00pm tonight, faithful “Scandal” connoisseurs won’t be gathered around the boob tube to watch Olivia Pope and gladiators fix The White House. Lost, confused and downright pissed off; perhaps you’ll have to find something else to do with your Thursday nights besides coo over Olivia Pope and Fitz – or Jake – making googly eyes at each other. Another show, maybe a movie, no…a nice, hot, relaxing bubble bath? None of these will do, you have no idea what life is anymore and you’re just going to call it a night. I know, I’m deeply saddened as well but don’t fret! Here are 5 things that you potentially may want to indulge in now that scandal is no longer consuming your life.