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Is life really fantastic when you look like plastic?

It’s one thing to idolize a person-hell, we all do. You have Beyonce fans not paying their rent just to go to her & Jay Z‘s “On The Run” Tour, & thousands of “fashionistas” have “borrowed” their look from Rihanna just to say they share the same tomboy-chic style. It becomes a little absurd, however, when you alter your physical appearance to look like these celebrities.

Meet 28-year-old Valeria Lukyanova, a model from Ukraine. You may know her as the Human Barbie. Miss Lukyanova has undergone extreme dieting & cosmetic surgery to look like every little girl’s favorite toy. Though she states she’s only had breast enhancements, her look is as shocking as it is horrifying. Her waist is almost nonexistent, & between her make-up & her “Breatharian” living habits, the Human Barbie has taken on the exact same build as her plastic role model.



Yes, you read that right- she is a Breatharian. Bretharians believe they can live solely off of light of air. Naturally, most of them die, but Valeria is content on living this way, even if it means food is out of the question. Lukyanova is not an airhead, either, as she is currently a teacher at the School of Out-of-body Travel-but her appearance does leave people wondering about her common sense, or lack thereof.

The Human Barbie has controversial ideas, & she says she uses her attributes as a way to get her messages across-but because of said looks, what kind of message is she really sending? See some of her unedited photos below, & tell us how you feel on Twitter & Facebook.




Yes, there’s a Ken, too.


-Kairi C. (@_findingforever)