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We’re about to go HAM!- well, kinda.

In this day & age, creativity goes a long way. Sneakers all over have been created from a variety of inspirations, from hip-hop albums to animal skin. Today we have another collaboration, this time from END. Clothing & Saucony, and let me just say, this one is juicy.

The Shadow 5000 Sauconys were recently given a food take, dressed as a “Burger” (hold the cheese) from heel to toe. What makes these extra appetizingaling is the packaging. Delivered to you in an old school burger box, you also get the option of Mayo (white) or BBQ (red) laces to dress your kicks, which also come with a checkered insole & gum outsole.


The “Burger” will be available at 6 p.m. Thursday, May 1st at a special launch party at the END. store in the U.K. They will be made available online Saturday, May 3rd for the rest of you who can’t wait to take a bite of these exclusive trainers…

…Just don’t try to actually take a bite out of them, because, you know, that probably wouldn’t be the safest thing. Check them out below.




a-detailed-look-at-end-saucony-burger-13-Kairi C. (@_findingforever)