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pyro board. rubens tube, fire, Fysikshow, trippy, music

So there are these guys, these science-genius guys, who also love music. Fysikshow is the name and the awesome-ness you’re about to witness in the video, below, is their doing. They took the Ruben’s tube to another level and added a 2-D Pyro Board, with 2500 drilled holes in it, to the already-cool invention. What do you think the result was?

Pretty sure this thing will never hit the market, so don’t get your hopes up. but it is cool to watch again and again. Imagine having one of these things rocking in your dorm room or under the DJ’s power at a club. Whew. First thing I’d throw on is Black Rob‘s Whoa. It’s only fitting seeing as every time I think of fire and music I, for some reason, associate it with him dropping off a roof onto that flatbed truck. What song do you think would make the flames hit the ceiling?


Sound waves are transmitted through a flammable gas creating alternating high and low pressure zones. This creates the flame pattern. (via)

pyro board. rubens tube, fire, Fysikshow, trippy, music

Matt Whitlock – @mattwhitlockPM