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Love and Basketball-The Source Happy 14th Anniversary to the movie Love & Basketball

Today marks the fourteenth anniversary of the ultimate love movie, Love & Basketball. The movie starred NY natives Omar Epps and Sanaa Lathan and the directorial debut of Gina Prince Bythewood. The movie is about childhood sweethearts Monica Wright and Quincy McCall; following the basketball theme, it is also split into four quarters. The two friends, who later turned to lovers, shared their love for the sport and their goal to become professional atheletes, any means necessary, tethered them together and fueled their passion for one another.

In the first quarter, which begins way back in 1981, when Monica and her family move to Los Angeles from Atlanta, Georgia. She become acquainted with their new neighbors the McCalls quickly. The McCalls are a wealthy family because Quincy’s father, Zeke, is the shooting guard for the Los Angeles Clippers. Monica & Quincy become fast friends as they had an disagreement about winning a simple two on two basketball game that resulted in her having a scar on her face. In the second quarter, starting in 1988, finds Monica and Quincy the respective leaders of their high school teams. Scouts have clearly taken notice of Quincy, and many see him as one of the top prospects in the country.  While Monica, on the other hand, struggles with her fiery emotions on the court. This issue hinders her performance to the point that scouts turn away from her game. She also struggles with the feelings she secretly still harbors for Quincy.


In the third quarter, they officially become a couple as they attended USC, where they are athletes and students. This was the end of their initial relationship. In the final quarter that begins in 1990, a few years before the establishment of the WNBA. Monica’s professional basketball prospects lie exclusively in the International Women’s Basketball Association. She lives in Barcelona, Spain, where she is a local sports celebrity and the focal point of her team’s offense. Before the end of the movie, She challenges him to one final game on the court. If he loses, he must call off the wedding and choose Monica; if not, he marries his fiance. Quincy accepts the challenge and goes on to narrowly defeat Monica.

He realizes, though, that he can no longer stand being apart from Monica and chooses her anyway. The movie fast-forwards to 1998. Monica has gone pro in the WNBA as a member of the Los Angeles Sparks. She has married Quincy and uses the surname Wright-McCall. The film ends with Quincy helping their baby daughter to cheer on Monica as she is introduced at a Sparks game. This is a movie that is a favorite among both men and women, as they related to the story of the characters.

FYI: The character Monica Wright is not based on the real Monica Wright, who is engaged to fellow basketball player Kevin Durant.

-Matia (@ms_hip_hop)