Did Yeezy jump over the Jumpman for this?!

When Kanye West announced his collaboration with the Adidas brand, many people (myself included) expected sneakers that would rival the popularity of the Nike Air Yeezys. Well, just a little while a photo began popping up all over the Internet with the rumored sneakers in question, and what we’re seeing is actually not sneakers at all. Instead, they are pair of plain off-white loafers, complete with a strap. Out of the 20 designs he has said to have made for the collabo, I think we can all come together and agree that we hope these are not included at all.


Interesting, indeed. But not even something a mother could love.

Twitter flew the coop when Four Pins posted the pics with the caption reading “Here’s your first (rumored) look at Kanye West x Adidas”. “Dadcore,” “Creative Recreation rejects” & spews of “wtfs” in several languages were just a few of their reactions. Let’s just hope that this is some cruel joke planned to create hype around the June release. Because if this is what sneakerheads have been anxiously awaiting, it’s time for Kanye & Adidas to start fresh.

-Kairi C. (@_findingforever)