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New York based vintage stylist and boutique owner, Milly Cabrera is bringing class and elegance to Instagram with her international online shop and boutique aptly named—VINTAGE LUX (@vintage_lux) Boasting vintage treasures from the likes of Givenchy, Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior, Fendi, and Erwin Pearl to name a few, the humble jewelry shop owner sells her authentic finds for a fraction of the cost simply because she wants to. Now that she has linked up with Noelz Closet Designer, (@NoelzCloset) , the fashion duo plan to dress ladies and gents up everywhere in a chic and sophisticated look that they can afford.

The Source recently had a chance to chat with the beautiful Milly and find out how her hobby turned into a lucrative business and why its important to stay positive.

How did you begin selling vintage jewelry?

Ever since I was a little girl, I’d collect vintage pieces and as an adult, my girlfriends would see the stuff I had and asked me to get pieces for them so I started just getting things for my friends. Then they convinced me to start an Instagram page. It wasn’t a plan, it kind of just happened. I would find doubles of things and people would love them and I began selling them.
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Where do you find these amazing rare pieces?


I go to estate sales, I search the Internet, I’m all over the place… its crazy, but its so much fun. I was a hoarder before, I would buy things that were special and I wouldn’t wear it… so its helping me (laughs) Now people buy the things from me and they appreciate it.
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What’s special about the items you sell?

I love details and I think that’s why I love Gold jewelry. And don’t think I find these things clean like this, I really clean the heck out of all my jewelry. I’ll find something that looks like a total loss and after I get to it, its amazing. Its all because of the good quality. Vintage jewelry isn’t like what you find today. Its not plastic with gold plating, its real heavy metal with gray/gold plating that’s why they look so rich. When you buy a piece you’ll notice the weight. Most of the earrings are clip-ons, its really hard to find post backs because women back then didn’t want to wear heavy jewelry. I also sell my pieces at great prices, I see my competitors selling to Rihanna and Puff Daddy and other celebrities and they are really charging 3 times what I charge for the same piece.
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Do you ever worry you won’t find good jewelry anymore?

I think its what you attract, I use to think there’s no way I’m going to find another pair of these earrings and I would find the same rare pair of earrings. I stopped thinking I wouldn’t find doubles—its all about positive thinking!
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I’ve notice your stuff seems to sell out quickly, what’s the fastest you have sold out?

I’ve sold out in seconds from posting. One of the rarest earrings to come across are the ones in the pic with Amber Rose. I’ve only come across those twice. To pay $300 for a pair of earrings is a lot and they sold in seconds.
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Is jewelry or fashion your first love?

My dresser is set up like a store, I collect a lot of jewelry! (laughs) I’m obsessed with jewelry. Plus jewelry never goes out of style It doesn’t matter if your pregnant, if you gained a hundred pounds–you can always fit your jewelry. I also sell vintage clothes in the store, but its harder to sell on Instagram. Unless its a brand people have worn before.
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What’s next for Vintage Lux?

Now I partnered with someone who does designer consignment. They sell Herve Leger, Galliano, Dior, Christian Louboutin— they sell all these designers, so now that we hooked up, its a little insane right now. I plan on doing my website soon. He posts on Instagram as well, @NoelzCloset and if things go well we’d like to have a storefront. That would be off the hook! Right now we’re in a gallery mall which is cute, its on 145 Front street and Dumbo Brooklyn, NY. Stop by!

To check out Milly’s awesome pieces, Follow her at Vintage Lux on Twitter: @vintage_lux
Instagram: @vintage_lux

Click the pages below for a glance at Vintage Lux and a peek into Milly’s personal jewelry!