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dj whoo kid

We all know that Russell Simmons is a legend in the business of Hip-Hop. And if you didn’t know already, he’s on his way to attaining guru status in meditation. He just wrote a book on his methods in Success Through Stillness. Russell stopped by DJ Whoo Kid’s radio show to talk about how the world is really going by in slow motion but our mind’s fluctuations make it appear to go faster due to distractions, if Biggie would have “worked” with Miley Cyrus, how to make more money essentially, and much more.

Russell also tells a short story about getting a budget for LL Cool J’s first album and hearing that “I Need A Beat” sold out at record stores before store owners even knew what was in the box. It’s similar to how he heard YG’s “My N*gga” for the first time. What’s crazier, but also very believable, is his side hustle when he was younger, which he relates. Click play below if you have 30 minutes while you slack off at the office.


Bryan Hahn (@notupstate)