Her Source got an opportunity to sit down with Sarah Jakes, the daughter of T.D. Jakes. She talked to us exclusively about her latest memoir, Lost and Found: Finding HOPE In The Detours Of Life and being typecast as a preacher’s daughter.

Check out the interview below: Sarah Jakes-The Source

What was the inspiration behind your book?

Sarah Jakes: The inspiration behind the book came from me blogging three years ago. I was still married at the time. My husband was expecting another child with another woman, so when I was starting to write it. It was a way for me to vent out my emotions that I held inside and people were saying that I was being transparent. When my publisher came to me with Lost and Found, it was an opportunity for me to be as transparent as I could.

What was it like having T.D. Jakes as your father?

S.J.: Day to day from Monday through Saturday, it was just like having anyone as your father. I have seen him more times in a a bathrobe than a preacher’s robe. It was pretty normal and there was a lot of pressure living up to the mantel, but lucky my parents didn’t it let it affect us.

What bible scripture do you relate to the most and why?

S.J.: That’s a good question. It would have to be I know he’s blaming it to have trust in him and it’s from the book of Job. It is one of my favorites because we get into these issues we have in life, where GOD is no longer on our side, but we strive to have trust in him. What a better story then Job, he lost it all, but he recovered what he lost by having trust in GOD.

Growing up, were you typecasted as a preacher’s daughter?

S.J.: Yes, certainly because people want you to act a certain way and they think that you don’t make mistakes because of the world that you live in. It’s just like dentist’s children if they get cavities and doctor’s children when they get sick or catch a cold. Pastor’s children have their own set of issues that they have to face and conquer.

How do you feel about the Lifetime reality show, “Preacher’s Daughters”?

S.J.: I don’t know because I never watched the show to give my opinion on it.

What advice you would give to girls who were in your shoes about being a teenage mother?

S.J.: When I was 14, I had my son and I had my daughter in my 20’s when I got married. I would say to them is to forgive themselves, to be a better person to your child, move forward, and learn to love yourself.

Would you ever become a preacher?

S.J.: I had never anticipated on becoming an author, but I’m taking baby steps I have not had the calling to preach.

Besides the book, do you have any upcoming projects?

S.J.: Besides the book, I am on a 8-city book tour to promote Lost and Found and doing webisodes on my website for each city, I go to. Continuing with the transparencies.

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-Matia (@ms_hip_hop)