Kendall Jenner is in the hot seat but not because of her family
Kendall Jenner-The Source

Women’s fashion magazine, Marie Claire, caused an uproar on social media as they were describing model Kendall Jenner‘s hairstyle as they took to their Twitter account calling her hairstyle “bold” and “epic.” After the tweet was posted it caused a stir for people in the African American community and actress, Reagan Gomez-Preston.

The picture was taken while she was on vacation with her family in Thailand. The hairstyle has been around throughout the years and now many people are speaking out against the magazine for saying the comment. Later on, they posted an apology on Twitter.

This is the hairstyle that caused an uproar:


They later issued an apology:

What do you think about this fiasco with Kendall’s hairstyle? Check out the responses from Reagan and other people on Twitter after the jump

-Matia (@ms_hip_hop)