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College sure does hold the best memories.

A University of Notre Dame student was arrested Sunday for allegedly smashing through an Indiana-based spa’s front door using a 100 lb. flower pot.

South Bend authorities responded to a burglar alarm triggered at Therapeutic Indulgence. Upon arrival, law enforcement found 19-year old, Brian McCurren, upstairs very disoriented. The officers followed a trail emitted from a fire extinguisher, which officers believed McCurren sprayed inside four different rooms. Authorities also believe McCurren used a hammer he found in the breezeway to dig through the dry wall and into the main building.

McCurren also apparently raided the spa’s kitchen, stole hot pockets and left macaroni and cheese cooking in the oven. The student was arrested and charged with burgarly, vandalism and underage drinking. It’s estimated that McCurren caused several thousand dollars worth of damages.


When asked by police if he had done any drugs, McCurren responded, “I hope so.”

Victoria Wright (@vic_j-wright)