Natalie Guercio, London Rene, Mob Wives

Amy Pinard Photography

Word on the streets is that one of the Mob Wives was busted cheating with a married man…but it’s “absolutely not true,” she and her camp say.

The Mob Wives are no stranger to controversy, and their newest starlet, Natalie Guercio, is no exception.

Last season, the Philly-born beauty caught heat for taking to Twitter to call out cast mate Renee Graziano for messing with a married man, so when rumors started flying that Natalie was cheating with one of Philly’s local rap artists (her collaborator for the song “Delicious,”) it looked like it was just another case of the teapot calling the kettle black.

However, Natalie recently sat down and gave an interview to set the record straight about the rumors swirling around.

Years ago, before the Mob Wives franchise even existed, a younger Natalie was working as a bartender, when she met the now 42 year old struggling musician.  “He was someone I knew from the neighborhood,” said Guercio.  “He was always trying to get famous.”

Sometime after their “Delicious” single was released, the coat-tail riding rapper decided to take his fame seeking to new heights.  Aside from the fact that he reportedly hasn’t shared any profits from the sale of the song as agreed,  Natalie became a platform for the conniving rapper, who decided to exploit her new found fame by selling a photo to Radar Online and inventing an affair.

“I’m shocked, absolutely shocked, that he would behave this way towards me.  We were never personally involved,” she continued. “We knew each other from around the neighborhood. He would frequently go to clubs—and I would see this, because I would be working there as a bartender—and tell people, ‘Don’t you know who I am? I’m Ryan Banks!’ And of course, no one would know him.”

The photo shows the pair locking lips, but Guercio says that’s not the case.

“That was taken many years ago,” she explained. “As I said before, we were never personally involved, and I never had a romantic relationship with him, ever. I went to kiss him on the cheek, and he turned his face so I ended up kissing him on the lips. [London] finds the whole situation funny, he laughed at the notion that I would cheat on him, especially with Ryan.”

The Philly rapper, who’s reportedly 42 years old, currently has a young pregnant wife.

Natalie says that Big Ang is supporting her throughout the ordeal, adding “This is a desperate attempt from an up-and-coming, ‘struggle’ rapper/producer, to garner publicity for his project. This is the first, last, and only time I will address this matter, and the only reason I’m addressing it now is to put the truth out there once and for all.”

Source:  The Latin Post