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“Somebody gon’ be mad if they hear me saying that I’m singleeeee.” youafoolif

We’re all quite familiar with Fabolous’ “Situationships” track off his third Soul Tape mixtape.  And as much as we hate to admit it, at some point in our lives some of us have indulged in a “situationship” or two or three but no one is counting. Now, I’m not saying anyone plans to be in one, a lot of times they just happen. But don’t sell yourself short. I won’t go into the whole “there’s plenty of fish in the sea,” rant either. Instead I’ll just give you 5 reasons why they tend to not work out:

1. Someone always has more feelings than the other person

2. Both partners rarely know exactly what they both want which is the main reason a “situationship”  forms in the first place


3. Neither partner is willing to commit

4. “Situationships” don’t go anywhere or last long

5. Someone almost always ends up hurt

Deniqua (__hennystraight)