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ladygagaLady Gaga dropped a 11 minute and 46 second long epic music video for her latest single, “G.U.Y.”. This is her third single off her album Artpop. The “Artpop film” was directed by Gaga and produced by Nicole Erlich and Andrew Listermann. It combines four different songs and a kaleidoscope of landscapes and themes.

The video opens with men in suits fighting over money scattered on the ground. After they run off Lady Gaga, dressed as a bird creature with brown wings, is left lying in their fight pit and there is an arrow going through her.

She manages to makes her way to a party mansion, Hearst Castle. The song “Venus” begins to play as Gaga is restored to life and gets baptized in the swimming pool, as the court orchestra lipsynch Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The video switches up again, when the song “G.U.Y.” comes on, as Gaga leads male dance troupes in synchronized routines. There’s also some kind of cloning going on (Gandhi and Michael Jackson, naturally) and suit made of Lego.

Near the end, Gaga and some females dressed in black feathers drive to an office building armed with crossbows, where they shoot money at the businessmen in the course of their hostile corporate takeover. The last four minutes of the film are taken up entirely by credits, to the tune of “Manicure.”