Everything is on the line for the girls in the season finale

Last week on the hit series, Girls, the girls are experiencing craziness in their lives while others are dreading to leave their past behind. When the show comes on, Adam and Hannah are making love but after their finished Adam goes back to Ray’s house so he could focus on his play.

This week it’s the season finale and some of the girls suffered heartbreaks while others gets the greatest news of her life. Hannah runs into Caroline, who is Adam’s sister and she tells her the good news that she is living with Hannah’s neighbor, Laird and she’s expecting a baby on the way.

Shoshanna finds not that she is not going to graduate from school because she is three credits behind and this made her furious. Jessa and the artist from Marnie’s gallery seems to hit it off as she hires her for the gallery. But turns out she is using her to get drugs in which she refuses to give it to her. Hannah receives some good news that she was accepted into grad school in Iowa. She tells Marnie the good news and she is happy for her. Hannah hasn’t told Adam yet but she doesn’t want to leave him and Marnie is debating if she should tell Shoshanna about her & Ray’s relationship.

Marnie felt that it was the right decision to tell Shoshanna the truth about her & Ray’s relationship that resulted in Shoshanna slapping Marnie in the face. Shoshanna thought that it was right for her and Ray to talk after the show. Marnie met with Desi backstage before the show and they ended up making out. It’s the night of Adam’s Broadway debut in Major Barbara and Hannah, Shoshanna, Elijah, Ray and Marnie are cheering him on. After the show, Shoshanna tells Ray that she wants to be with him but he decides that he doesn’t want her. Hannah and Elijah went to see Adam after the show because they are happy for him but he is not because of the news that she tells him about Iowa which resulted in them breaking up. Jessa is at the artist’s house when she is about to die, she calls 911 and she tries to save her. Hannah decides whether or not she is going to Iowa.

Hope you enjoyed this season!

-Matia (@ms_hip_hop)