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melodyehsani5Melody Ehsani: hustler, motivated, determined, go-getter and most importantly, inspiration to all. The jewelry line creator has expanded beyond what was expected from her and became the first female to create a pump sneaker with Reebok. The third sneaker collaboration with Reebok and it went flying off the shelves within minutes of being released. Now preparing for the next sneaker collaboration, expansion of her jewelry line and so much more, we can only imagine how Melody Ehsani is going to amaze us next!

We got to sit down with the entrepreneur to discuss her jewelry line, her collabs with Reebok and more. Check out the interview after the jump!


How did you get into creating jewelry?

I couldn’t find what I wanted in the market, so I started to make it myself.
What inspires your jewelry line?
A number of things. It’s usually inspired by an era, a movie, an album, a place I just visited, or a state of mind I’m in. It varies.
Who are your fashion icons?
I really love Ralph Lauren.
How does it feel to receive such a great response from people on your jewelry line?
Its very flattering! It feels nice creating a piece that’s going to make someone happy or give someone a way to express themselves better.
Who would you like to collaborate with?
I’m way too superstitious to put that out there! Lets just say I have a list 🙂
How did your collaboration with Reebok come about?
Someone in their camp was a fan and recommended me to take part in a female “influencer” program they were doing. They contacted me, I designed a shoe for them and it sold out globally within hours. It got them excited and they ended up signing a deal with me.
How does it feel to be the first female to have a pump sneaker with reebok?
Kind of surreal. It’s one of those things where I can’t believe it hadn’t happened yet. But I’m honored and humbled to break the chain. It was time and I think the overwhelming response from women everywhere to the shoe confirmed that.
Do you think you will create a fourth sneaker?
Yes, I will be doing 3 more seasons with Reebok Classics: FW14, SS15 and FW15. For these next seasons, some will have more than 1 style at a time.
Would you be interested in creating clothes?
I’m actually in the process of producing my first intro into apparel now. We are planning on dropping items online mid March. I will also be doing a capsule collection of apparel with Reebok to accompany the Spring 2015 and Fall/Winter 2015 footwear pieces.
What’s in the future for your jewelry line?
The jewelry is fun for me; I plan on continuing to evolve with it. This year I am introducing a small collection of fine jewelry for our higher end clientele. We are also doing some exciting collaborations I’m looking forward to.