We are almost towards the finale
Girls-The Source Last week on the hit show, Girls, Adam is working hard on his performance on Broadway but Hannah feels the distance between them. In the beginning of the episode, she is drinking with her co-workers until she throws up on herself and Adam is less enthused about her going  to happy hour with her co-workers.

This week, the girls are experiencing craziness in their lives while others are dreading  to leave their past behind. When the show comes on, Adam and Hannah are making love but after their finished Adam goes back to Ray’s house so he could focus on his play.

Just as Hannah goes through problems in her relationship, Shoshanna is getting ready for graduation and is super nervous about it. She talks to Jessa about it but she assumes that Jessa is back on drugs but she’s not. Marnie started working at Soo Jin’s art gallery and seems  to enjoy it a lot. She ended up meeting the owner of the gallery. When Adam at Ray’s house rehearsing for his play, Hannah comes and interrupts him that resulted in him not being too happy about it.

Hannah’s ex roommate turned bestie went to visit her and they decide to spend the day together as they go to Patti Lupone’s house where they ended up having a good time. Meanwhile, Desi and Marnie are getting ready for their performance at a showcase, where Marnie is trying to get away from her horrible YouTube video. The next day, Hannah goes to work and she ended up having a breakdown that resulted in her insulting her co-workers. When she kept insulting her co-workers, she ended up getting fired from her job in which she was happy about.  Desi and Marnie’s performance turned out to great as his girlfriend attended the showcase. Marnie ends up going back to Ray and they made love until Hannah catches them.

Tune in next week for the season finale!

-Matia (@ms_hip_hop)