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kanye west shrugToday, thanks to the advent of the internet and social media, fans and artists are closer than they have been before. In the time that it takes to microwave your lunch, followers can see what their favorite celebrities ate, wore, and did during the day. However, this level of connectivity can be improved and expanded upon. Bite Labs, a small art start up, is looking to help everyone take this plunge…in one of the most interestingly odd ways possible.

Bite Labs has a simple goal in mind: to make your favorite celebrities into Salami, the saltiest of the deli meats. No, they aren’t trying to murder famous people, or delve into weird pagan rituals; rather, they have a carefully prepared scientific methodology already planned. First, they acquire your favorite star’s DNA (we will be using Kanye West for this example). Next, they synthetically grow muscles out of the said tissue. Finally, with muscle in hand, they finish the entire process of curing and preparing Salami. Each meat will take on a different flavor, like Kanye West’s

The Kanye Salami will pull no punches: heavy, and boldly flavored, pure Kanye West meat will blend with rich, coarse-ground pork. Hungarian paprika and worcestershire give Kanye an underlying smokiness, spiced up with hints of jalapeno. The Kanye Salami is best paired with strong straight bourbon.

No artist have so far responded to any of their requests, but we will keep you posted. There also isn’t any word on whether or not this is actually really happening. Perhaps, for a quick moment, we can pretend it is, which would lead us to ask you: what celebrity meat do you think would taste the best? Let us know down below, and check out their short promotional video.