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It’s date night!

Last week on the hit show, Single Ladies, Raquel’s life is on the line as she is held captive by Deacon, but leave it up to Terrance, Naomi and Malcolm on trying to rescue her. As Raquel tries to escape Deacon, he revealed some startling information about the Franks family that she didn’t even know.

This week, everybody makes it official with each other as they get ready for their first date night at Raquel’s house. With Keisha still upset with Malcolm about his lies and deceit, Malcolm is doing everything he can to prove to Keisha that he really loves her.

Since Terrence and Raquel made their relationship official, they doing everything they can to keep it a secret until they tell their friends. Malcolm went to see Luke (who is played by T.I. and appeared last season) and asked him about Deacon. Luke drops a bombshell on Malcolm telling him that Deacon is broke and that is why he was looking up to him.


Felicia is set to see her ex-husband that resulted in him standing her up. Omar decides to take her to Raquel’s place as they are playing charades. Keisha decides that she didn’t want to play charades and stays on the balcony. As everyone was playing charades, Felicia is enjoying herself.  Raquel and April have a chat about their relationships with both David and Terrence. They overhear Felicia on the phone with her ex-husband, who is getting married again and expecting a baby on the way. She tells them not to tell anybody and they told her stories about their former relationships that resulted in them bonding.

Keisha knows about the relationship between Raquel and Terrance. She tells her to be careful when it comes to Terrence because of his past. Naomi and Sean meet up for dinner telling him that she is leaving out of town because she wants to take her 10% of Franks Jewels. She asks him why he has a personal vendetta against Malcolm and tells her because of the relationship that he had with Keisha. Keisha decides to go back to Malcolm as they ended the night by making love to each other. David drops a bombshell on April by telling her that he is quitting Price management and this shocks April. Terrence gets a phone call from Malcolm and tells him that Deacon is dead. He asks what happened and Malcolm tells him that his warehouse was caught on fire.

There are only two episodes left until the series finale. Don’t miss out on what is to come next!

-Matia (@ms_hip_hop)