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Hannah and Adam become distant with each other
Girls-The Source

Last week on the hit show, Girls, it was all about Hannah as she finds out that her grandmother, Flo, is in the hospital with pneumonia but she thought it was for her broken femur.

This week, Adam is working hard on his performance on Broadway but Hannah feels the distance between them. In the beginning of the episode, she is drinking with her co-workers until she throws up on herself and Adam is less enthused about her going  to happy hour with her co-workers.

Marnie is thinking about working  as an assistant to her ex-lover’s ex-assistant, Soo Jin,but she said she’s going to think about it. Hannah unexpectedly shows up at Adam’s rehearsal without his consent and as she was leaving from the rehearsal, she was hurt by Adam. While studying, Shoshanna was so annoyed by the drug-infused Jessa and her friend Jasper and she decides to do something about it. Marnie is working on her vocals with Desi (who we met in the last previous episodes) and he continues to push for her singing career.


While out at dinner, Shoshanna told both Jasper & Jessa that she has a surprise for the both of them. Jasper’s daughter Felicity shows up that resulted in an intervention for the both of them. Feeling like their sex lives has become distant, Hannah spices things up as she role plays with Adam. Instead of being Hannah, she wore a blonde wig calling herself Jardaniel in which Adam is loving.

She used Marnie’s apartment to have sex with Adam and as things turning out good, it went left as Adam felt that he like their regular sex lives better than role playing. This resulted in them taking a break from each other as he tries to clear his head. At the end of the show, Shoshanna told Jessa that she look like a junkie and Jessa told her that she is a junkie in which she took a hard look at reality.

It’s only two episodes left, don’t miss a chance of watching the girls go through crazy adventures.

-Matia (@ms_hip_hop)