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Designer Babies

Designer Babies

Between yesterday and today, the Food and Drug Administration has held meetings concerning what researchers discovered as a new procedure in fertility. Researchers have found by removing the mother’s nucleus from her egg, could leave behind defective genes by placing it in a donor egg. The purpose is to prevent children from gaining diseases but still raises concerns with some doctors.

Ethical issues aside, it’ll take 3 people to create 1 perfect baby in attempts to have the newborn free of defects. More than 17 babies in the United States have already been born using this procedure without the FDA’s approval. The procedure came to a halt in 2001, and tests were continued in animals. The meetings are being held to give doctors the okay to create these manufactured babies. Defective mitochondria is being replaced from the woman with healthy mitochondria from another woman during the vitro fertilization which of course involves a male sperm donor, hence three parents for one baby.


Tiy Hampton