The girls throw a celebration party for Adam
Girls-The Source

Last week, on the hit HBO show, Girls, the girls take a well deserved vacation as they takeover Long Island. They were staying at Marnie’s mother’s friend’s house and as soon as they get to the house, Marnie assigned them to their own rooms.

This week, the girl throw a celebration party for Adam as he got the role of a lifetime on Broadway. Hannah is set to do her first interview for GQ with a singer named Patti LuPone and Adam calls Hannah with the good news that he got the role.

She is so excited about it and Patti is giving her a negative energy about Adam working on Broadway.  Hannah is now having doubts about Adam taking the job but she shook it off . She received her first paycheck for GQ and couldn’t believe the amount for the check. So what she do with her paycheck? She goes shopping.

Jessa gets an unexpected visit from the guy from rehab that resulted in her using drugs again. Ray and Marnie officially end their relationship that resulted in Marnie being a mess. Hannah invited all of the girls and her old friend Elijah to a surprise celebration party for Adam. While at the party, Marnie found comfort from Adam’s friend Desi. Hannah is concerned about Jessa using again and she ends up stealing money from her job to buy more drugs. This is one messy situation and I hope she gets help for her addiction.

Tune in next week to see what happens next.

-Matia (@ms_hip_hop)