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Single Ladies-The Source The ladies mix business with pleasure

Last week on the VH1 hit series, Single Ladies, Raquel and Terrence get ready for their debut fashion show for their new partnership. April comes to grips with her career and Keisha is not having a worry in the world.  Sean went to visit his good friend who is a district attorney about Malcolm’s dealings with Frank’s Jewels. Sean goes to one of the jewelry stores and starts asking questions about the Frank family and persuaded one of the cashiers to turn against the Franks.

This week: Raquel, Grant and Terrance have a meeting about becoming a potential investor for their jewelry line. David returns from LA as he still trying to get under April but in a true form she doesn’t let him get under his skin. Keisha sees Terrance getting into a mystery car but comes to find out that he got into Deacon’s car (who is played by Malik Yoba) who is a heavy man within the Atlanta streets.

When Keisha went back to the house and tells Malcolm, that resulted in him becoming concern for both Raquel and Terrance.  You know the saying, ‘don’t mix business with pleasure,’ but that was the case for Naomi and Sean as they slept together.  He tells Naomi that they might finally got Malcolm as he gets a call from the district attorney. Since starting to work for Felicia, he went to see Raquel about who is replacing him at Indulgence and finds out that Keisha is taking his place.  Raquel and Grant hit it off good as they go on their first date rock climbing and this makes Terrance jealous. Malcolm went to see Deacon about his dealings with Terrance and he tells him that he better not put his hands on Terrance.


Tune in next week to see what happens with Terrance’s fate

-Matia (@ms_hip_hop)