Drake:Kendrick FeatureIn 2013, many albums were released, for the Hip-Hop lover almost too many albums were released, it was almost hard to keep up. As for the music quality, some were great and some were so-so. Some commercial or independent successes, a few instant releases, two instant classics and more than a couple failures.

Going back as far as October 2012 to Kendrick‘s rookie debut with his theatrical GOOD Kid M.A.A.D Cityall the way to Drake’s mood inducing “Nothing Was The Same“, and everything in between, one quality shared with most of these albums were how clear some of the tracks were through a lyrical perspective.  Listening to the track almost gave you a visual to everything surrounding the track, with details so distinct that you feel the emotion of the rapper, whether being joyous or painful. But..WHY AREN’T THERE MUSIC VIDEO’S FOR THESE TRACKS!

Here are some tracks we believe should have videos: