iphone scarf, technology, iphone, accessories, the source magazine,Yes ladies, it’s that serious, or is it? With below zero temperatures we’re left to leaving our phones in our purses wondering who is calling as we walk the crazy streets in the blizzard like weather. No worries, that’s so 2000. You can now keep warm with a handy iPhone Scarf. You can actually put your phone inside your scarf and activate a touch screen, make phone calls, text messages and Tweets. How handy right?

iphone scarf, the source magazine, technology, iphone accessories, fashion, nyfw,

There’s even a small zip up compartment for your keys and other little necessary items. It’s cool to have because you don’t have to worry about diving in your pockets for for the little things. Stumbling around on one of Nas‘ latest investments Fancy brought us to this handy item. You can also take photos with the phone still inside the scarf. Android users, sorry it’s not yet available just yet. But the Peepsnake iPhone Scarf retails for $54 USD and you can cop it here.

-Tatiana (@TatianaTot)