TAM“That Awkward Moment” stars Miles Teller and Zac Efron. Check out highlights from the conversation. “TAM” is now playing!

Q: When you guys looked at the script and started to work on the characters were there moments where you hated yourselves or hated your characters for some of the things that you said or did? Where did you draw the line between who you are and who your character is?

Teller: For me, I know when I met Tom…the part of Daniel, we kind of expanded and we kind of worked on, but for me, once I met Mackenzie…we just had a lot of fun and she’s very playful and I feel like so is Daniel. She was just a lot of fun to work with and when she plays a girl  in the movie, she starts out as my friend so I guess the most important thing was hanging out and getting to know her and making it real.

Efron: What I liked the most about Jason is that he’s honest and he tries to be honest. That’s something I’ve always believed in from day one in a relationship. Honesty is the most important and it’s difficult, especially in scenarios like in this movie when you’re young and single and sort of figuring out your own life. But I think that’s why guys can relate to this movie…we walk a careful balance between really being good guys, deep down, and caring…and sort of waking up the next day and sort of feeling guilty for our commitment issues. But at the same time we have to live our lives. This is the first look, really, into what it’s like to be a guy dating at our age and what it’s like to be out there. And sometimes it takes your best friends to get through it.

Q: Are there any other guidelines you all can offer after this film about relationships and how to avoid certain things in relationships?

Miles: For me, once I know that it’s not gonna work…once I spend enough time with someone to know that we’re not compatible I’m very good at just cutting it off. I truly believe that life’s too short to spend it in a bad relationship and that includes friendships. I mean if you’re really not getting anything out of it and it’s kind of one sided then who cares? At the end of the day it’s hard to keep relationships with people.

Efron: I think it’s tough to sort of do what we do, be actors and constantly move around and…we’re on an adventure here and it has a lot of different twists and turns that we don’t expect. I don’t want to commit to being in a relationship where I can’t be 100% there for that person all the time. It’s difficult.

Q: As a group, you find yourselves in some precarious situations — particularly without clothes on. How does one attack those nude scenes? 

Teller: You read it in the script and it says ‘Daniel planks the toilet,’ and so…I show up and I didn’t know how naked I was gonna be. I was on antibiotics and I felt pretty disgusting and bloated. I get to the bathroom and it’s just a very small bathroom. I literally was like, ‘I don’t think I’m gonna fit.’ They’re like, ‘You’ll fit. You’ll fit.’

Efron: All I could think was…in real life I wouldn’t use that technique. I think there’s other ways around it. Actually it was a weird day of filming because aside from…yours was too small, mine was…

Teller: Mine was touching the water.

Efron: Yours was too small, at least there was no one in it. Mine was a toilet, like a elevated toilet in the middle of a room with nothing…it was built for this reason. So literally it was just surrounded by a room full of people as big as this room. That was really awkward.

Q: This question is for Zac, as a human being you’re very relatable and you successfully overcame some tough times last year and I wanted to ask you what were some of the good things that came out of that?

Efron: I’m so happy…I feel like I’m in a great place and I’m glad that I’m really here to share this moment with everybody and be present for all of it because it was an interesting year. I learned so many things…so much. But the best part of it was being able to reflect upon this experience and realize how much I had learned about myself and the kind of man I want to be. This movie…these guys…coming back to it, coming to New York and just being here in this moment…it just…that kind of exemplifies it. That’s what it’s all about. I’m so happy to be here. And I couldn’t be happier, I’m in a great place.

Q: Zac, what was your most awkward moment?

Efron: My most awkward moment…was probably this year when I slipped and hit my face on a fountain in my house. The cool part of that is there is a fountain in my house. I guess if you leave the fountain on and leave your house for a week, which you’re not supposed to do, it splashes it’s water on the floor. So I’m a klutz and…yeah…I slipped and splashed my face onto it. It was really awkward. It was more awkward telling everyone about it.

-Joshua Kaye