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If you think rap beef can get violent, you’ve never eaten breakfast with the Mob Wives.

Mob Wives fans no doubt saw Renee Graziano’s feud turned physical fight with newcomer Natalie Guercio over the word “delicious.”  Heard of The NeverEnding Story?  Yeah.  Same thing.

Recap:  Renee brought the guy she was dating to a girls’ night out.  Natalie told him he “smelled delicious,” complimenting his taste in cologne.  In Renee’s world, them’s fightin’ words.

“See that word delicious? Grapes are delicious. Strawberries are delicious.  Pancakes are delicious.  The man sitting next to me is NEVER delicious,” Renee fumed, episodes later…because she’s seriously still mad over the word “delicious” three or four or ten episodes later.  (I stopped counting, it was getting redundant.)

The “delicious” drama ultimately culminates into a glass throwing brawl in which Renee breaks a glass on Alicia DiMichele, puts Natalie in a headlock, and Natalie gets brolic right back because she’s from Philly and Philly don’t play that, as she’s quick to remind you.  All this before the ladies even finished breakfast.

Natalie, who runs a family business (that happens to be a  funeral home), decided to put her business acumen to use and drop an “EDM rap” track with Philly artists Ryan Banks and Teknartist.

Guess what it’s called?


Coming from a Mob Wife, it’s sure to be a “hit.”

Says Ryan, “Natalie was in a video of mine before she was on the show.  The song for the video, “Get Lit,” was remixed by EDM DJs Gerald Thomas, Luvitt, and Teknartist.  When I started shooting the video for the remix, I reached out to Natalie to have her in the new video.  During the shoot for the “Get Lit” remix video (unreleased right now), we started talking a collab and we came up with the concept for “Delicious.”  It was great working with Natalie again.  She’s a natural in the booth!”

The full “Delicious” video will be dropping soon; watch for Mob Wife Alicia DiMichele’s cameo.

Listen to “Delicious” below; it’s available on iTunes here.

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