Patrick Faucette-The SourceHer Source got a opportunity to sit down with one of the stars of the hit show, The Haves And Have Nots’ Patrick Faucette and he discussed working with Tyler Perry, his character on the show and working on the show. Check out the interview below!

How did you originally get cast on the show?

Patrick Faucette: I auditioned in LA and Atlanta for the part of Tony Watson (who is Benny’s father on the show) but the character was supposed to be for one episode and it ended up part of the show. It all happened pretty fast and my agent called me that I booked the role. I ended up in Atlanta working on the show. It was pretty amazing.

In three words, how would you describe your character Tony and why?

PF: In three words, I would describe Tony as mysterious, relentless, and survivor because of this season and not so much from last season. Mysterious because you know about Tony but not so much. Relentless because I don’t give up too easy. And a survivor because in the last episode of the show fans found out that I was having kidney failure and in this weeks episode you discovered that Tony has dialysis for his kidney failure.

What is it like working with Crystal Fox and Tyler Lepley as your on screen family?

PF: Working with them is great. They’re really gifted actors and they are no egos  or divas between us. They are so nice to work with and to rehearse with. Crystal Fox is an incredible actress and a lot of my scenes with her are so nice. She puts so much emotion into her work that it is easy for her to do and with her it is so realistic. People could relate to her acting and she is a very powerful actress.

What could fans expect from your character, Tony?

PF: They could expect that he finds out that Benny is in the hospital and the doctor tells him that Benny is brain dead. The doctor tells them that they should think about getting a kidney before something might happen but Hanna is not having it. His character is here to stay.

What is it like working with an accomplish director as Tyler Perry?

PF: Working with Tyler Perry is amazing! He is a director who I call a genius. I don’t know if he goes to sleep writing some of the episodes but some of the episodes that he writes seems very realistic in people lives. He’s one of the dirctors that moves the light around and makes you feel confident about yourself. Working with a director that makes you feel confident gives you the direction you need because it makes it easier on the director. It’s an unbelievable experience having this opportunity just starting out in one episode until now having fifteen episodes on the show.

Do you have any upcoming projects in the works? 

PF: Besides, The Haves and Have Nots not at the current moment because it’s pilot season. But I still go to auditions to read more scripts and go to castings for different shows. But I will be on more tv shows and movies soon just look out for it.

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-Matia (@ms_hip_hop)