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Being trapped in your house for hours on an end can be the most mind blowing thing in the world if you’ve already watched ALL episodes of Scandal, scrolled through your whole timeline on Instagram, and just ate the last of your Oreos. But now is the time to get creative. When Netflix just ain’t cuttin’ it, and shorty hasn’t texted you back, here are a few things to keep you busy.

1. Take any artist whose name includes the words lil, young, or some variation of a nickname that includes the last 2 letters of the alphabet (i.e. Drizzy, wheezy, yeezy) and recite their songs in your best opera voice. Don’t be shy– it’ll probably be the best thing you’ve heard all day. And if you’re bold enough, you can even tweet us when you’ve posted a video online of your “hiphopera”

2. Watch the worst auditions of X Factor and American Idol. One can literally watch these videos for HOURS and experience a range of emotions—from joy, to embarrassment, topure shame. Here are a couple of my favorites to get you started:
My personal favorite—take ‘em to church!
Trista Giese—lead vocalist as Cowardly Lion in Wizard of Oz
James Lewis—back to our roots
Isadora Furman—excuse her French


3. I’m sure there was a time when you heard a ratchet song, and said to yourself, “I could write this myself.” The truth of the matter is, you probably could have. All you need is a voice recorder, a pot to bang on, and a pack of Taboo cards. Simply choose a handful of Taboo cards, throw them in the air, and pick 3-5 random words to create your next hook. My next hit line is “Me and my mans Moose play Lacrosse with a rubber ducky”—Laugh now, cry later when I get on that ‘Jose Got Them Tacos” Remix.

4. If you missed it, get out from under that rock. Last week Drake raised the bar for future hosts of Saturday Night Live when he opened up to us about growing up as an African-American Jew, his role as Dad at the slumber party, and of course, his Katt Williams impersonation. Gotta hand it to him for that one ‘cause pimpin’ ain’t easy!

5. For those of you out there with at least six inches, (I’m talking about snow, c’mon keep those thoughts clean) shoveling is probably THE LAST thing you want to do. So instead, why not find a hill so you can ride it with your “Serrrffbooortt”

6. Read SOURCE Magazine! For all your latest and up to date info on hip-hop culture and more, pick up a mag or browse the site for a good read.