Roger GoodellNFL commissioner Roger Goodell has made a lot of changes in the league many of which weren’t too favorable in the eyes of the players but this one is sure to have many supporters.

During a wide range interview Goodell answered questions about many things including playoff expansion, the upcoming Super Bowl and the possibility of a London based team.  He also touched base on the possibility of allowing players to use medical marijuana.

via ESPN:

 Goodell said he could envision a time when players use medical marijuana to treat pain in states where it is legal: “I don’t know what’s going to develop as far as the next opportunity for medicine to evolve and to help either deal with pain or help deal with injuries,” Goodell said, “but we will continue to support the evolution of medicine.”

Washington and Colorado were the first states to legalize marijuana in 2012.  Colorado kicked things off this year making marijuana available for general public consumption and reportedly made $1 million the first day.  As of right now medical marijuana is legal in about 20 states.

Should Goodell choose to go forward with allowing players to use medical marijuana it’ll be interesting to see how it’s handled considering it isn’t legal in every state.  Some players may have an easier remedy to alleviate pain while others may face suspension and/or fine.

– Shaina Auxilly (@Shay_Marie)