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King James holds court on Twitter 

Lebron James returned home to Miami last night following a ruff two game road trip that  found the Champion Miami Heat losing to both The New York Knicks & Brooklyn Nets.  Thanks to his late arrival home, last years MVP couldn’t sleep and was bored on twitter so he decided to treat his 11 million + twitter followers (or at least those up at 5:30 am EST) to some question and answer.

You have to give the guy credit for addressing a common somewhat embarrassing topic.


Even more interesting considering how little he talks about his father

He definitely wants you to know he’s real with himself and has a good sense of humor

He couldn’t answer the question what his favorite Jay-Z song and album are, instead he just called Jay-Z “The G.O.A.T”.  When asked who besides Jay z was his favorite his response was “Drake”.  He also said “Kendrick [Lamar] has crazy bars”

He curiously says that the  LeBron “Soldier 7’s” or 11’s are his favorite sneakers to ball in.  Strange considering the controversy this year about LeBron not wearing the 11s in games, he even commented on it saying Nike was redesigned them so he could wear them more.
Other Highlights-
The toughest player to guard is either Carmelo Anthony or Kevin Durant
He was 6’2 as a freshman in high school
He would most  like to visit South Africa, Jerusalem and Dubai
He’s a fan of movies by the Jennifers Lawrence and Aniston
His favorite team outside of the Heat is Liverpool football (which he owns a piece of)
Deion Sanders is his favorite football player ever
He sees you Wyldin on Vine
He thinks the best in game dunkers are Vince Carter, Dominique Wilkins, and Michael Jordan
NBA 2K 14 is his favorite video game
His favorite quote is “man in the arena “
James Jones is the funniest player on the Miami Heat, Beasley is the loudestCheck out the original tweets on his page  @KingJames